What the Vork?

Vork in the Road is my personal travel journal. This is where I post my experiences, stories and recommendations about places I visit and places I want to visit. The frequency with which I post is irregular and my goal is to give you quality over quantity. You won't be finding any click-bait 2546 things to do before you die stories here. There are plenty of sites that do just that so I won't be adding to that noise.


Who am I? I am Ludo van den Boom, just a regular guy from the Netherlands who decided that the world is where he belongs.

Some other places where you can find me are Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Or if you want to chat you can reach me with plain old email as well (preferred): ludo@cubicphuse.nl.


All photos and writing on this site are mine. You are not allowed to reproduce any of it without my permission.