Gobi Tour: Party In a Turtle

Hidden somewhere in the Mongolian Gobi desert is a turtle. A concrete turtle in whose shell a restaurant serves some of the finest Mongolian cuisine in »

The Canadian

Canadian, the ~ 1 Friendly and apologetic person, inhabitant of Canada. 2 4,466 km transcontinental train journey from Toronto to Vancouver. I am no stranger to »

Three Weeks in Sri Lanka

“Cabin crew, please be seated for landing.” As you would expect from a well-prepared traveler this is the moment I realize we have no plan for »


A sunny morning in Yokohama, Japan captured with an iPhone. I randomly included Yokohama as a stop in my one-week Japan Rail Pass adventure. For the »

A Bizarre Tour in Banda Aceh

Remember this boat? On December 26, 2004 an earthquake, followed by a powerful tsunami killed an estimated 170,000 people in Aceh province on the Indonesian »

Bosu Book Street

In a small alley in southern Busan lies a hidden gem well worth a visit: Bosu-dong Book Street. You probably won't be spending a full day »